Dr. Rachel Bright: Natural Healthcare

Dr. Rachel Bright is a Board-Certified Doctor of Holistic Health from the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board (ANMCB). She also holds a Doctorate of Naturopathy from the United States School of Naturopathy and Allied Sciences. She is associated with the American Naturopathic and Holistic Association (ANHA) and the Pennsylvania Traditional Naturopaths Association (PaTNA). She has also been awarded additional credentials as a Holistic Nutrition Practitioner and Holistic Health Care Practitioner.

Dr. Bright’s wellness philosophy is to educate individuals regarding their body’s physiology and empower them to make healthy choices that ultimately lead to an energetic life. This is accomplished by pinpointing the root causes of illness as well as identifying what foods, food-derived (organic) supplements, and herbs support the body’s systems and promote innate healing.